Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sickness stops play

This week has been a disaster for training, coming back from a visit home to Wales I developed a bit of a sore throat on Wednesday, by Thursday I was achy and shivery with a migraine and nausea, Friday the same plus vomiting and stomach cramps, Saturday less stomach cramps and little nausea but similar headache and achy bones. Either way I've missed cricket, a friend's wedding and done no training. But I have lost weight. On the positive I made our local papers

It's a really good piece and will help me gain more press support, I'll use it to explain to my non existent corporate sponsors what I'm up to, so watch out Premier Inn, Wheelies of Swansea, Evans Cycles and Wiggle, I'm coming for ya!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fenland by twighlight

I just had a little ride over to Chatteris tonight another 14 miles it didn't feel too tough, but I didn't feel up for it. I ground it add and it's a tad more in the tank. I'm off tomorrow back home to the Gower then over to Cardigan for wedding at the weekend, then back to the Gower for next week. Very little bike riding will occur but a week this Saturday a full agenda of cricket and cycling.

I had my photo shoot today for the News and Crier, went well, it is difficult to look cool on the footpath next to my house. I need to ride more, train more but I think I'm making a start.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

That flood sign 2

Ok so playing cricket yesterday is not conducive to biking today. I kept wicket for 40 overs and what felt like 3 hours of squat thrusts. Just the thing to warm up the quads for cycling. I enjoy keeping wicket keeping at the time but during the evening I felt like I'd be thrown out the back of a moving car at 30mph. I have also been following Britain's got talent albeit sometimes by accident. I watched it all this week and the last half of the live final only to fall asleep 5 minutes before the big reveal to wake up watching the ITN news, I still don't know who won or really care, which I think is worrying. By the time I got up this morning I felt like I'd been thrown from a moving car at 40 mph.  I headed out with legs made of lead and decided the guided bus way wouldn't be flooded despite that bloody sign.

It wasn't but for 250 yards, I slowly edged past it and headed to Cambridge from St Ives, I returned to the flooded section on the way back which was taunting me. I'd already clocked up 24 miles but decided 250 yards of water wouldn't stop me. A cyclist on the higher, drier path stopped to watch and I mounted my manly assault, about a quarter of the way across I realized I would never make it, the water got deeper and my legs were steaming. It hurt so much but I ploughed on, my front wheel made a wake that made it slightly easier, halfway across I started wobbling, which made it 20 times harder, a couple of joggers passed me on the higher path, smiling smugly, the water was over my chainset. I made it to the other end and the cyclist smiled and shouted something about mud which didn't rhyme with any swear words so I waved back. The joggers slowed down and one shouted "That looked like fun". Just to reassure him I replied "It really hurt." . The moral of the story is don't try feats of manliness when tired and in front of an audience.

I made it home and racked up 33 miles my furthest ever in one day, it hurts but once again my thoughts turn to egg mayo, ham and beer.

In other news I'm seeing a reporter and photographer for a photoshoot next week. I can't get Premier Inn to understand quite how to help me, but they will. Specialized are ignoring me but I think my next jobs will turn to spamming work friends and family this week for more sponsor ship.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Got up early this morning and put in another 21 miles, I learnt that when signs say a footpath is closed due to flooding it's usually correct. At points it was over my chainset, after pushing on through a couple of sections I gave up and came back. On the positive note I found somewhere I can train on a flat car free route and there's some gentle off road either side. The St Ives to Cambridge guided bus route, it's got to be good for something! A 30 miles round trip from home and I'm building up slowly, I really need to refine the 50:50:50 and start speaking to bike clubs for their ideas.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Snuck it in

Snuck in a little 14 mile trip this evening, the wind was against me on the way out then swung round to a crosswind on the way back, brilliant. Mental note: find a route that's downhill and with the wind behind me, all the way to Wales!
Bit stiff this morning, having read back through my blog I realized unless you've linked to this via my Virgin Money Giving or Facebook page you might not know what it's about.

My sister Lucy became ill with lung cancer in October 2011 and she died in January 2012 aged 32. She was a beautiful, amazing person and a mad mountain biker.

I am cycling from Huntingdon via London to Swansea. That's 290 miles over 5 days, 50% on road and 50% off road. Lucy and I planned to do this event before she became ill. We never got around to doing together but now I will be completing it for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

I'll start the challenge on Tuesday 21st August 2012 in Huntingdon and I'll be in Hatfield by the evening, on the 22nd I'll have reached Twyford, on the 23rd I'll be in Chippenham, Cardiff on the 24th and Swansea on the 25th.
Please support me and help lung cancer suffers and thier families.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Ow that hurt. 30.9 miles, I didn't notice but the wind was with me on the way out and very strongly against me on the way back, not a good strategy. My legs are on fire now and I got back around 1100. It took 2.5 hours, I've never ridden that route so I thought it might replicate the challenge, in that I won't know when to push hard and I'd have to save plenty in the tank. Ice cold bath when I came home has helped although hurt at the time and my son Tomos sprinkled cold water in all the wrong places with a mini watering can. I'm going to relax this aft with a Viennese Finger and a couple of Old Speckled Hens for the pain. Tomos can be seen in the picture with his eyes closed from the excitement.
So we begin, 30 miles to do this morning and I am worried that 4 pints of home brew and 130g of Cadbury's Dairy Milk last night might not be good preparation. It's a new route the B1198 it's a long straight Roman Road, I hoping to do 15 miles down it them come home, which I think might be uphill. Would Cadbury's sponsor me? hmmm.

Friday, 4 May 2012

My word it's started well, top hairy bad boy Rhys Evan Morgans and hardcore silver haired cyclist Mark Blagg have dug deep. Old friends and good ones, thanks boys big love. Out on the bike tomorrow, thinking about 30 miles on the road, cricket looks unlikely on Sunday so perhaps another 15 miles on Monday, time to harden off my hide.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


So I've finally decided do it, I've spoken to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation today and I've set a date to start my challenge 114 days to go! Aaaah, my legs and bum seem to be hurting in advance, out on the bike on Saturday.